Social Media for Leads Generation

The Internet is always morphing and changing when it comes to connecting with prospects and converting them to buyers. What worked well a few years ago has been consigned to the rubbish bin of failed efforts sold by Internet gurus. There are solid strategies that have not changed when it comes to communicating with prospects regardless of the media.

Social Media for Lead Generation
The breakout success of Social Media as a lead generator is taking its toll on Pay Per Click advertising, but small businesses are still trying to figure out how to navigate the system. Quite a lot of companies are interested in getting into online lead generation, but don’t quite know how to pull the resources together to make the process successful. The most effective efforts in Social Media marketing often incorporate effective communication and building rapport.

The most important aspect of leads generation is targeting the right prospects and building a communication funnel. Since the goal is still sales conversion, it is important to get the message out to the people who most likely need the products or services. Effective online lead generation can literally double existing revenues within a 12 month period. One of the biggest challenges faced by marketing practitioners is pinpointing quality leads for their sales funnel. The problem of generating high quality prospects is faced by both large and small businesses alike; recent reports indicate that 61% of marketers consider this their number one issue.

Content for Driving Traffic to Your Lead Generation System
Part of the process of effective leads generation calls for positioning the company as both an industry leader and an approachable consultant. This means that quality content is important for the process to work. Good relevant content that impacts the right audience will garner trust and work to bring clarity to the message.

Businesses are slowly beginning to understand content marketing as it relates to leads generation. Recent studies report that 91% of businesses that sell to other businesses are adopting online content marketing systems.  The best examples of effective content marketing offer three components; education, inspiration and viral intent.

Patience and Perseverance in Leads Management
Leads require care and cultivation. It is unrealistic to expect that most people will slavishly buy from a business based on a single offer. The campaigns that work well, offer a series of messages that are consistent and relevant to the audience’s desires. There should be multiple opportunities to reach the same prospects with new and equally important information. One important tool for reaching existing leads calls for pixel tracking; a code that is inserted into an image which collects impressions.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels keep visitors engaged in the messages that they are deeply important to them. Because information online has made consumers more savvy, leads generation must be more than a collection of sales pitches. The material must offer “juice” for those looking for detail while still teasing with a hint of more to come.

The stigma of Social Media marketing as a lesser cousin of Pay Per Click is now gone if not forgotten as ad formats and tracking systems have proven effectiveness. Sponsored ads on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have become staples and consumers have adopted and accepted their presence.  Use Social Media as an entry point to build and cultivate relationships with prospects.

Automated Lead Generation Systems
Setting up an automated leads generation system is not that difficult and it is necessary when producing a Social Media campaign. A separate lead capture page that is dedicated to a particular market segment will help to nurture confidence and trust over repeated exposure. Social Media will play its part along with email marketing and sponsored ads with pixel tracking.

There are a few elements that can be incorporated in leads generation; articles, videos, blogs, tweets, podcasts and even infographics can help to move prospects through the funnel. Email marketing can tie all the pieces in place to work as a follow up system that drips feeds the message effectively. Avoid skimping on quality when it comes to content for leads generation; the messages must represent the company brand.

Building an effective lead capture system means putting a significant component in marketing on autopilot. Take advantage of the power of email marketing and Social Media marketing to grow a dynamic sales funnel. Remember that identifying the target market first will make lead generation less costly and much easier. Good luck, connect with me if you wish to learn more about automated leads generation.