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search markeing and inbound marketing skillsVideo Marketing & SEO Can Bing Your Business Tons of Leads

Google is the place to be seen on the Web but second best place to be is on YouTube! Since Google owns YouTube, they give their videos priority on the search engine as well. For a fraction of the cost of Pay Per Click ads, your business can take advantage of both Google and YouTube by ranking on the top of each search results. We have helped quite a lot of clients rank ahead of Yelp and Manta for local searches. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web, it pays to be there for your profitable keywords as well. The big secret that advertisers don’t realize is that search results for regular listings (organic search results) regularly out-perform advertising search result (paid listings).

What our Video Marketing service can do for you – Get more targeted leads and find the best customers for your service. Get more prospects that want your service but are not just shopping prices. Videos in combination with search engine ranking strategies can help to double your list of prospects and keep your company in demand. Use the power of video to train your target market to recognize that your company offers more than just standard service and materials. Stand apart from other companies by training your leads to see your company as more than a commodity.

We produce results for Sacramento area businesses; primarily contractors.

We offer:
Video Marketing Packages

We will do the work of producing and ranking your lead generating videos for you.

In-depth Market Research

We keep your online presence fresh by finding more profitable keywords to .

Website Competitive Analysis

Website audits to ensure that your site is running at peak efficiency against your competition.

Social Network Marketing

Leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0 blogs, Instagram and other networks for marketing opportunities.

Local Citation Audits

Are you being represented on all the right local directories where prospects are looking for your service? Let us take care of that for you.

Wrong listings or bad information about your company helps your competition in a BIG way.


We will audit your business listings and clear up any errors.

We have plenty of examples to show you.

Call us for more details. -209 730-6386-

We currently operate in the following areas for local contractors:

  • Placer County
  • Yolo County
  • San Joaquin County
  • Sacramento County
  • Butte County

We offer ongoing contact with our clients to ensure their satisfaction. Since we are local video marketing and SEO specialists, we are able to work on site to produce video footage as well as work remotely to offer quality service to you.

Call us now to get started with your own online lead generating program today. 209 730-6386

There are quite a few conflicting ideas surrounding Search Engine Marketing and lead generation. At this time of constant Google changes, it’s difficult to know if what worked last week is still working now. A lot of SEO “experts” are parroting each other without actually testing the theories that they pass on to their student and foist onto their clients.

SEO Is Not Dead, But It Is Not Enough
The first issue I’ll discuss is the prevailing unrealistic expectations of the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) among inexperienced marketers. SEO is not a guarantee of marketing success. Its job is to bring in prospects via the search engines; that’s it. The problem is that everyone of your competitors is after the same thing.

In order to make use of SEO effectively, marketers will need to be fully aware of their competition and understand the fundamentals of search engines. They are not here to help businesses reach prospects for free. Search engines want companies to advertise on their available spaces; that is their business model.

To the search engines, SEO is freeloading. People who want to make money off their efforts without paying for the service range from well-meaning nonprofit organizations to greedy black hat hackers and of course, everyone in between. Search providers are constantly tweaking their algorithm to thwart freeloaders. Our jobs as search engine specialists is to keep the connection between prospects and businesses open.

Here’s why:
• Approximately 70 to 80% of users ignore paid search ads and focus on free organic results.
• Just over 18% of all clicks on the organic search results come from the number one position.
• An estimated 70% of people used the Internet to find a local business in the last 12 months.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to managing search marketing; in order to ensure that your efforts and money are used effectively. Combine SEO with other lead generation practices to get the most traffic and the most positive impact. The best way to do that is to have a comprehensive online marketing program.

This program should include:
• Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
• Social Media Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Content Marketing

A Closer Look at Your Competition on Search Engines
How social media marketing works for small businessThe first step is to study your competition to gain some understanding of the stakes involved in getting to the top of the search engines. Don’t focus on Google alone, be sure to check Yahoo! And Bing as well as others such as,, and The first thing you’ll notice is that the competitors are different for each search engine you view for a given keyword.

Search Engine Results and Ranking Order Not Consistent
For those who obsess over rankings, I’ll give you the bad news first; ranking on search engines is similar to the stock market. There is constant fluctuation and even worse, depending on your browser’s plugins and settings, the search results may look totally different from one computer to another. Search engines also look at your IP address to send you targeted local search results which can foul up listings below the top five.

Some IPs may display the results slightly differently and make it impossible to feel that it’s possible to keep track of 20 or 30 keywords each week. Ok, so if tacking keywords can be frustrating, what’s the solution? Pay closer attention to traffic patterns. Spend time sorting and evaluating the results of your web traffic solution.

Evaluating the Traffic Sources
You can get a solid idea of the sources as well as which keywords are trending up. It is still a good idea to review your keywords and their position to focus on pushing them upward, but watch your traffic patterns to get an idea of what is going on behind the scenes. If you can get a look at the website’s server logs, that can also be of great value.

Server stats can also show surprising results that can be unexpected. Certain overlooked keywords that people are using to reach your site will show themselves. You can return to your competitive analysis to compare your results against other sites.

video marketing systemsIf you are not experienced with the process of evaluating web traffic reports, take some time to learn or even better, get someone who has experience evaluating the material and produce reports that are easy to digest. You may not be looking to master SEO, just benefit from the results; that’s perfectly fine.

Bandwidth Increase May Signal Increased Traffic
Server data can tell you a lot of things about your traffic patterns. One thing to pay attention to is bandwidth usage. More visitors to the site mean greater bandwidth usage. If there are a lot of graphics on a website, that can seriously impact bandwidth costs.

Look for seasonal changes in your traffic patterns as well. Are holidays more traffic intensive or slower for your site? Are there more visitors in the summer months? Spot trends and capitalize on them.

Watch for the number of favorites or saved pages from your site. Visitors who value your site enough to save it under their favorite list as a bookmark is extremely good news. Strive to increase the number of bookmarks by providing more of what visitors want. It’s a worthwhile research effort.

Develop Your Workflow And Have A Quantifiable System
One of the best ways to keep everything moving smoothly when it comes to SEO and SEM is to have a functioning system. Developing a workflow can save you lots of headaches. A workflow that takes each step into consideration will allow a person or group to check off and verify each step in the campaign.

A flowchart or spreadsheet that lists each step and resource needed at each juncture will keep the campaign on target. A timeline of events can be established and tracked. This strategy allows the workload to be shared as well.

There are quite a few website traffic tools to choose from. Some are easy for a novice to use while others are quite complex. Start with the tools that come bundled with your web server. Try Google’s tools and move on to more robust software. Be patient with results and look for consistent numbers.

Search Marketing should be one of several tools in the online marketing chest. It is never a good idea to rely on a single source for marketing and advertising. Lead generation means going to where the prospects are and making them like and trust the offer. SEO based lead generation still offers lots of great opportunities, but be prepared to work hard for the best results.

Build Your Own Online Local Lead Generator

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