Double Your Revenues Webinar – Local Search Marketing

The Webinar Recording from the Double My Revenues  – Local SEO

Double My Revenues BookThis is the first Webinar Recording for the Double My Revenues, Local SEO Series.  I wanted to share this webinar on Doubling Your Income based on my book currently on Amazon. This webinar covers a number of topics that my clients have been working on to get their online search marketing going. Local search marketing is an important part of small business promotion these days. That’s because people are looking online for products and services and finding a lot of information to make their decisions.

The Six Simple Steps to Page One

Now you’ll learn what to do to get your site competing on the first page for your profitable keywords. You can have the most awesome converting buyer keywords, but if you can’t get that page to the top of Google, you’ll never get enough traffic to make the kind of money you want.

Double Your Revenues Webinar Part One


Ok, this is the first part of the local lead generation seminar that was produced for a private audience. The video has been edited to keep the proprietary information private. You’ll still get a lot of great information for your business here. The Secrets to Kicking Your Competition to the Curb. I’ll cover some of the things to get your competitors screaming as you pass them up and get to the top of the SERPS. Learn what many of the top SEO gurus don’t want you to know about their Google busting tactics.

Double Your Revenues Webinar Part Two

This is the second half of the webinar for doubling your revenues with leads generation while getting the right target market. Try our free report; 6 Simple Steps To Page One Six Simple Steps To Page OneAre you having a tough time getting good conversions or enough traffic to your site to make sales? You’re not alone, my friend. There are a lot of people who set up websites or take out ads online without taking the first profitable step to lead generation or online marketing. I’ll show you exactly what to do to get the best keywords that guarantee interest in your product or service. Learn what words are buying words and which ones to never use in your marketing. I’ll even show you how to find the right niche market within your target market.Get your free ebook by clicking the link above. Here is the basic information that you’ll learn from the webinar. I’m giving this to you as a quick reader’s digest version to make sure that you understand what I’m showing you.

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